Eyelet and Brown

This is my favorite dress, even though I only wear it once a year.

eBay Hat, Thrifted Dress (Urban Ourfitters), Thrifted Sandals, assorted jewelry

This dress is perfection. The sleeves, the skirt, the eyelet laser cut outs--it's gorgeous. It's such a prairie, bohemian dress that just calls for a floppy hat.
It's an end of an era guys. This week is my last week working in retail and I'm beyond ready to close this door behind me. I'm a firm believer that everyone should work a few weeks in the retail or food service industry to see what consumer culture is like. Retail has made me a bitter and cynical person, and it makes me come home tired and uninspired. My new job, the beginning of a career of sorts, is a new beginning for me and my adult life. I cannot convey how incredibly happy I am. 

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  1. Yay, for your last week in retail! I did it for 8 long years. The dress is so cute! I'd be wearing it more than once a year ;)

  2. lovely!


  3. Love this dress!

    Congrats on moving to a new job. I totally agree with you re: working retail/customer service, but it can be so draining, I wasn't too sad to move to a behind-the-scenes position either.


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