OUTFIT | Holy, Knees!

Jeans--Thrifted & DIY//Boots--Thrift

For like a year now, I've seen this trend of ripped knee jeans. Distressed jeans are cool and all, but these ones just seem different to me. It's like, bam, knee. And, for a while, I looked for jeans like this.  But, they were all too expensive for my frugal frugal life. So, I just decided to thrift a pair and gash out the knees. Simple.
Spring weather has finally, finally, came our way, and though it's foggy and damp outside, it feels like Spring. Spring, to me, has never been a pastel, femme season. To me, Spring is Fall's second coming (or is it first, because Spring comes first?), because the weather is pretty similar. Just swap browns and reds with greys and whites and you're good. I, of course, love floral print and pastel colors, but at the moment, it doesn't seem right to pop them out just yet.
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  1. Omg I hate it when clothing that is slightly altered is 6 times more eexpensive. Like the knee is cut. Big deal, shouldn't be SO much more expensive lol. Love how you cut them! I would do this if I had any skinny jeans but wait I could do them to boyfriend jeans. We shall see.



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