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Today is one of those days where you pile on a bunch of clothes and play in the snow.

Surprisingly, it's quite nice out. It's not really cold until the wind blows. So, it's perfect for jumping and sloshing around in. My boyfriend decided he wanted to take some pictures in the newly decorated exterior of our apartment, so that's what we did!

I decided to throw on a couple sweaters and don some tights for a winter wonderland shoot, whilst my boyfriend thought this would be the perfect time to showcase his new sweatshirt. I actually persuaded him to buy this gem at Target because there was a bear wearing a sweater on it. I mean, it's perfect, and it fits his personality so well. Also, this is his first time wearing a sweater/sweatshirt?! I've been with this same kid almost 4 years and I can't believe I've never noticed his lack of sweaters. This poor child.

Song of the Moment: Baby Fratelli by The Fratellis
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  1. Ahh it must be fun to spare time with ur boyfie
    Nice outfit btw :)


  2. Aww love your shoes and glasses so much :))

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