OUTFIT | Sky Blue Pink

All black everything.

Cardigan--Thrift//Peasant Blouse--Thrift
Shorts--Deb//Ankle boots--Target
I really love those moments where you connect to separate ideas into one and create something out of the ordinary. It's like a half step down from an epiphany but more than an "a-ha" moment. They are the best.

Aren't these shorts just darling? It's such a bummer that Deb is closing, which is where I nabbed these, but I'm glad that they have given their employees a notice, unlike Wet Seal. I feel uncomfortable walking past them in the mall because it's like, you didn't have the decency to give your employees time to find another job. Retail workers are already abused and that's icing on top of the cake.

Song of the moment: Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis
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  1. Cute look!

    L&R x


  2. those shorts are super cute! & you look lovely, as usual ;)


  3. Chelsea Dagger is such an awesome song. I love this outfit! The shorts are awesome but I love the top so much!



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