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It's a beautiful day!

One of the big trends right now is kimonos, which aren't the Japanese traditional wear, by the way.
Kimonos are glorified floral cardigans, to be honest. They're usually lightweight and some try to imitate silk, but really, they're just floral cardigans. And, for some reason, I'm drawn to them.

I've seen some girls imitate the look by throwing on a lightweight oversized button down and that seemed like something I could go for. I bought this one Vinted and it's a gorgeous sheer brown, so I folded in the collar and layered it over a crochet crop top and pleated skirt. 
Boater Hat--Thrift//Button Down--Secondhand//Crochet Top--Thrift
Skirt--Forever 21//Ankle Boots--Thrift

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