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I'm a winter girl; I was born in winter, winter is my favorite season, and my favorite holidays are in winter.
But, this years winter had over stayed it's welcome.

I want Spring! I want warmer weather and coat less outfits. I want to see bunnies in side yards and hear birds chirping.
It'll happen soon, I know, but still. I want it now!

Isn't this skirt the cutest! I recently bought it on Poshmark and it came in today. It screams Spring, and  I will abuse it this Spring and Summer. I don't usually like these kinds of skirts, because I don't like ruffles. But, this one is an exception.


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  1. Cute outfit. Love your hair babe :)

    http://yourfashiontroubleshootingguide.blogspot.com ♥


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