Katie Like Me x Do it For the Irony Giveaway!

Oh how times have changed: as bloggers, our portfolios are online for everyone to see. Just a click away is your life story, with pictures and graphics included. Some of us were born with the ability to put these things together cohesively, and others, well, weren't.
And, that's okay!

Today, I bring you a unique giveaway! 

I was recently contacted by the blogger at Do it For the Irony, who has offered her graphic design abilities to you all for free! As a budding advertising major myself, this is something I wish I could have won when I was a wee little babe in the world of the internet.

Below are examples of her work.

Do it For the Irony is offering 5 free personalized graphics for the winner. They are made to order and they can be claimed at any time. They can be anything from banners, buttons, business cards, infographics, pretty much anything your heart desires.

Are you down? 

Enter below!

Do the following things and you'll be entered to win 5 free personalized graphics to be claimed at any time!
You have until January 18th to enter!

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  1. very cool giveaway!
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/


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