OUTFIT | All Bundled Up

As you can see, there is snow. And, it is cold. 

It snowed a lot last night (and it's snowing again right now) and if you follow my Instagram, you probably already know how much fun I was having lugging laundry from the laundromat in ~5 inches of snow. 
Which was none. I was having no fun.
I like snow, snow is gorgeous and pristine and is an instant reminder of Christmas.
But, it's also dangerous and causes people to drive like idiots. 
But, because snow is so white (usually), I like to wear colors that stand out against it, like this red coat. I thrifted this coat earlier this year, in Spring and it's incredibly warm. Though nothing could replace my classic black peacoat, this is a nice change. I wore it atop my cream lace dress and black boots I bought a while back in a place that I can not remember for the life of me. 
Such a warm and colorful outfit.
Much love, 

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